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Aaron Loveland
A Solo Artist from Boston, Massachusetts who plays Popular music.

Here's the brief bio Aaron Loveland gave us:

Introducing a crazy new fusion of Pop/Dance and R&B,
Aaron Loveland.
Cultivated in the "Dirty South" combine with a Dance/Pop attitude, Aaron has formed a breed of popular music that entrance's anyone who listens. Like many R&B artists, Aaron began singing in church at an early age. It was obvious this kid had serious talent when he would belt out gospel tunes with ease in Sunday school. Here he began to learn music, vocal technique, and instruments. Aaron has been seen at such famous venus as The Grand Ole Opry and the Christmas Pageant of Peace at the White House. At the age of 16, Aaron was producing and choreographing entire shows as well as maintaining his education. After graduating high school, Loveland attended The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for two years to study classic vocal performance. Here he was able to tour internationally with a small show choir from the University. In the fall of 1998 Aaron entered The Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Here he was able to perform his music and create in nontraditional ways, experimenting with different genres of music. Still composing his own music, he caught the ears of many of his peers and more importantly professors who took him under- wing and introduced him to many performance opportunities around Boston.
Today, Aaron is no longer at the college of music but is constantly performing in Boston. He has been seen at the opening of The Landmark Center, Rialto at the Charles, last years Boston Jazz Festival on Copley Square, Scullers Lounge at the Double Tree, Boston Pride 2001 on the Commons, The Stuart Street Block Party, and the premiere party for the hit film "The Perfect Storm" as well as credits on the soundtrack to the feature film "Differences"
Like his music, Aaron is continually growing and pushing the limits. His music is a rare blend of hard R&B vocals with an edgy, progressive pop/dance attitude. Take a listen to the future of pop music...

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1   5:30 SugarBear
Category: Popular, Genre: Pop
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2   5:50 Free
Category: Dance
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3   5:14 Joy
Category: Dance, Genre: Groove
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