Submit Music, the first step in getting people to download music you create

Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards fame and fortune in the music industry. By uploading your music onto this site, you are not losing any rights to your music, nor are you giving us any. In fact, we are doing this for absolutely no cost to the artist, assuming you have your music in electronic format and can upload it to the site. If not, or if you have a slow connection and uploading isn't practical, don't sweat it: You can send us a copy on tape or CD, via snail mail, and we can digitize it for you , then put it on the site.



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Before you can upload music, you have to log in as a registered member. The registration process is free, only takes a few minutes, and gets you full access to all of the features of this site.

If you are already a registered member, go to the Log In page and log in. Otherwise, go to the Sign Up page and sign up to become a member of the community.

Once you are logged in as a registered member, return to this page, and you you will be able to continue the music submission process.




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