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Robert Kramer
A Solo Artist from Deerfield, Illinois who plays Popular music.
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Here's the brief bio Robert Kramer gave us:

About The Artist -

Instruments played: electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, vocals, and various electronic studio gadgetry. Recording engineer, director and production supervisor of all independently released music projects to date.
Composing, recording and releasing various independent projects since 1977, Kramer has received national airplay on The Hour Of Slack radio program, assorted college and mainstream radio and internet stations, and has also done various radio voiceover commercials and music beds.

With musical compositions ranging in styles from the late Frank Zappa to mainstream commerical artists such as Sting and Moody Blues, Mr. Kramer continues to release and perform independently as an unsigned artist. He currently performs each tuesday night at The Gallery Cabaret in Chicago and is planning a local club tour this year.

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