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      Pix  Tracks  Name  City
                      Dronex       Gargzdai, unknown, Lithuania
                3       Sysex       Antwerp, unknown, Belgium
                      None       Richmond, unknown, Canada
          Pix       3,5       Sapien       Los Angeles, California
          Pix             Yogi's Bare Revue       Bears Woods, Colorado
          Pix       4       hook       washington, Washington, D.C.
                      Heart & Soul       New Orleans, Louisiana
                      e2       Manchester, unknown, United Kingdom
                      e2       Manchester, unknown, Andorra
                      Bylli Crayone       Boston, Massachusetts
                3       AutoCad       St. Louis, Missouri
          Pix       1       Lisa Wilson       Brooklyn, New York
                      DJ Mixxxx       Cleveland, Ohio
                      DjRei       Portland, Oregon
                      quickchange       greensburg, Pennsylvania
                      The Quickchange Band       Greensburg, Pennsylvania
                3       Ekko       Paris, unknown, France
                      TammyB       Nashville, Tennessee

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      Name  City  Genres
          Snake Pit       Denver, Colorado       House, retro, brit pop, trance, drum and bass
          Crobar       Miami Beach, Florida       Techno, house, trance
          The Living Room       Miami Beach, Florida       House, percussion, hip-hop
          Respectable Street       West Palm Beach, Florida       Alternative, gothic, punk
          Boneshakers       Athens, Georgia       Dance, RPM, acoustic
          Karma       Atlanta, Georgia       Dance
          Nomenclature Museum       Atlanta, Georgia       Electronica, trance, hip-hop
          The Paradox       Baltimore, Maryland       Hip-hop, techno, funk, house
          Motor Detroit       Hamtramck, Michigan       Electronica, techno, house
          Ground Zero
    The Front
          Minneapolis, Minnesota       Ska, alternative, acid jazz, trip-hop
          Chemical       Kansas City, Missouri       Jungle, house, techno, trance
          Trago       Kansas City, Missouri       House, trance, techno, jungle
          Club Utopia       Las Vegas, Nevada       House, techno, electronica, hip-hop
          The Anchorage       Brooklyn, New York       Alternative, techno
          Twilo       New York, New York       Electronica, techno
          Fabric       Columbus, Ohio       Dance, techno, trip-hop
          Glow       Columbus, Ohio       House
          Ohm       Portland, Oregon       Electronica, dance
          Space       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania       Electronic, house, trance
          Metropolis       Providence, Rhode Island       Techno, electronica
          Atomic Cafe       Austin, Texas       Alternative, industrial, techno
          Talus       Austin, Texas       House, trance, electronica, RPM
          Cafines       Richmond, Virgina       Techno, dance
       Seattle, Washington       Hip-hop, latin, house, electronica, drum and bass

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