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      Pix  Tracks  Name  City
          Pix       3       A little space       Los Angeles, California
          Pix       1       ONOFFON       Studio City, California
                      Chris Greene and New Perspective       Chicago, Illinois

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      Name  City  Genres
          Timothy's       Phoenix, Arizona       jazz
          The Famous Door       Scottsdale, Arizona       jazz
          Juke Joint Cafe       San Diego, California       jazz
          Enrico's Sidewalk Cafe & Supperclub       San Francisco, California       jazz
          Kuumbwa Jazz Center       Santa Cruz, California       jazz, experimental, world
          Waterworks       Tallahassee, Florida       jazz
          Cafe 290       Atlanta, Georgia       jazz
          Sambuca Jazz Cafe       Atlanta, Georgia       jazz
          Club Lush Life       Chicago, Illinois       Jazz
          The Green Mill Jazz Club       Chicago, Illinois       jazz
          The Velvet Lounge       Chicago, Illinois       jazz
          Club Lasalle       South Bend, Indiana       jazz
          Chatterbox Tavern       Indianapolis, Indiana       jazz
          The Jazz Kitchen       Indianapolis, Indiana       Jazz
          The Madame Walker Theatre       Indianapolis, Indiana       jazz
          Funky Butt       New Orleans, Louisiana       jazz
          Bird of Paradise       Ann Arbor, Michigan       jazz
          Artists Quarter       St. Paul, Minnesota       jazz
          The Dakota Bar and Grill       St. Paul, Minnesota       jazz
          Club @ Plaza III       Kansas City, Missouri       jazz
          Jazz @ The Bistro       St. Louis, Missouri       jazz
          The Cornerstone       Metuchen, New Jersey       jazz
          Trumpets       Montclair, New Jersey       jazz
          Justin's       Albany, New York       jazz
          Up Over Jazz Cafe       Brooklyn, New York       jazz
          Birdland       New York, New York       jazz
          Blue Note       New York, New York       jazz
          Cornelia St. Cafe       New York, New York       Jazz
          Iridium       New York, New York       jazz
          Kavehaz       New York, New York       jazz
          Lenox Lounge       New York, New York       Jazz
          Metronome       New York, New York       jazz
          Redeye Grill       New York, New York       Jazz
          Sweet Basil       New York, New York       jazz
          The Jazz Standard       New York, New York       jazz
          Tonic       New York, New York       jazz, experimental
          Village Vanguard       New York, New York       jazz
          Le Jazz Hot Cafe       East Rochester, New York       jazz
          The Blue Wisp Jazz Club       Cincinnati, Ohio       Jazz, fusion
          The Bop Stop       Cleveland, Ohio       Jazz, bebop
          501 Bar       Columbus, Ohio       Jazz
          Rusty's Jazz Cafe       Toledo, Ohio       jazz
          Brasserie Montmartre       Portland, Oregon       jazz
          Jazz de Opus       Portland, Oregon       jazz
          Chris Jazz Cafe       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania       jazz
          J.J.'s Grotto       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania       jazz
          Zanzibar Blue       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania       jazz
          Lucille's       Knoxville, Tennessee       jazz
          The Elephant Room       Austin, Texas       jazz
          Sambuca Jazz Cafe       Dallas, Texas       jazz
          Tula's       Seattle, Washington       Jazz
          Kelly's       Tacoma, Washington       Jazz

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