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      Pix  Tracks  Name  City
                2       speewaa       brugg, unknown, Switzerland
                1       Character       Adelanto, California
                2       whitestar       Atascadero, California
          Pix       5,1       alphaWRX       Cerritos, California
                      BaseCurve       Fresno, California
                      Red Sky       Fresno, California
          Pix       1       Rich McCulley       Fresno, California
          Pix       2,4       Rubber Bullets       Hollywood, California
                      Audiopilot       Los Angeles, California
                      Come And Go       Los Angeles, California
                1       Egodog       Los Angeles, California
          Pix       5       Uncle Tom       Los Angeles, California
                      Charybdis       Modesto, California
                      Detrevni       Ridgecrest, California
          Pix       11,1       Crowded Head       San Diego, California
                2       Lost Disciples       San Diego, California
                      Substance       Selma, California
                      Deus Providios       Colorado Springs, Colorado
                1       rocket west       new haven, Connecticut
                1       INDUSTRY1       NEW LONDON, Connecticut
                      Indiana       Wilmington, Deleware
                0,1       waylin nelson       orlando, Florida
          Pix       2       Nathan Sheppard       Athens, Georgia
                0,1       James Richard Oliver       Blue Ridge, Georgia
                2       Double Shot       Savannah, Georgia
          Pix       2       ROZE       DesMoines, Iowa
                      CELLAR       Chicago, Illinois
                      Heavy Laden       Chicago, Illinois
                1       NiX       Chicago, Illinois
                      Resination       Chicago, Illinois
                1       Eat A Peach       Richton Park, Illinois
                      Delinquent Seven       Rockford, Illinois
                0,1       Flight 77       Hammond, Indiana
                      Farty Carbunkle and the New Twisted Riddlers       Logansport, Indiana
                      Gravity Sheep People       New Orleans, Louisiana
                0,1       nick       walker, Louisiana
                      Powder Keg       Boston, Massachusetts
                      Second Call       Haverhill, Massachusetts
                      PissOff       Worcester, Massachusetts
                      Subsist       Baltimore, Maryland
                      fuse       topsham, Maine
                      noma       coldwater, Michigan
                2       APATHy FOR huMANity       Rochester, Michigan
                2       Victors Skull       Belle Plaine, Minnesota
                1       Basikly       Charlotte, North Carolina
                      Thunder Bay       Hudson, North Carolina
          Pix             Flesh Gordon       West long branch, New Jersey
          Pix       1       Hydro       Brooklyn, New York
          Pix       1       ANUBIS SPIRE       Greene, New York
                0,1       metro       LACKAWANNA, New York
                2       Scott Mosher       Miller Place, New York
                      into the looking glass       Staten Island, New York
                2       Charnel House       Whitestone, New York
          Pix       0,1       Jeff Maunus       Ashtabula, Ohio
          Pix       2       The Family Jules       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                3       Pandore       Paris, unknown, France
                      p.j.       greenville, South Carolina
                      Sloba       Belgrade, unknown, Yugoslavia
                      derailed       Nashville, Tennessee
                1       Faded       CAustin, Texas
                      Twisted Fate       College Station, Texas
          Pix       3       DownLo       DALLAS, Texas
          Pix       2,2       Stretching Madness       Houston, Texas
                2       DulceSky       Salt Lake City, Utah
                      Nada       Seattle, unknown, Chile

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      Name  City  Genres
          The Hippodrum       S Birmingham, Alabama       Alternative rock
          Clunk Music Hall       Fayetteville, Arkansas       Punk, rock
          Joe's Big Bamboo & Cowboy's       Little Rock, Arkansas       Rock
          Hollywood Alley       Mesa, Arizona       Rock
          The Nile Theater       Mesa, Arizona       Alternative, punk, metal
          Double Zero       Tucson, Arizona       Punk, hardcore
          The Garage       Hollywood, California       Rock
          The Boardwalk       Orangevale, California       Rock
          15th Street Tavern       Denver, Colorado       Rock, punk
          The Raven       Denver, Colorado       Punk, rock, hardcore
          Tuxedo Junction       Danbury, Connecticut       Rock
          Gator's       New Castle, Deleware       Alternative rock
          Culture Room       Ft. Lauderdale, Florida       Rock, alternative, metal
          Churchill's       Miami, Florida       Rock
          The Legendary Station       Fern Park, Florida       Rock
          Cow Haus       Tallahassee, Florida       Alternative, rock
          Gasoline Alley Cafe       Clearwater, Florida       Rock
          Pierre's Entertainment Center       Fort Wayne, Indiana       Alternative Rock
          The Toy Tiger       Louisville, Kentucky       Rock
          The Caterle       Baton Rouge, Louisiana       Alternative, rock
          Shanahan's       Lafayette, Louisiana       Rock
          Rock n Bock       Metairie, Louisiana       Alternative, rock, punk
          Zeppelin's (House of Music)       Metairie, Louisiana       Rock, hardcore, metal, alternative
          Abbey Lounge       Somerville, Massachusetts       Rock
          Sky Bar       Somerville, Massachusetts       Rock
          The Tap Room       Duluth, Minnesota       Original rock
          Fine Line Music Cafe       Minneapolis, Minnesota       Pop, rock
          The Bon Appetit Music Cafe       Minneapolis, Minnesota       Rock
          Big V's Christenson Saloon       St. Paul, Minnesota       Rock
          Shattered       Columbia, Missouri       Rock
          The 1810 Ranch       Columbia, Missouri       Punk, hardcore
          University Pub       Jackson, Mississippi       Alternative, modern rock
          The Dock       Ridgeland, Mississippi       Alternative, rock
          Local 506       Chapel Hill, North Carolina       rock except groove
          Old Broadway       Fargo, North Dakota       rock
          Rick's Bar       Fargo, North Dakota       Rock
          The Upperdeck       Fargo, North Dakota       Hard rock
          Cog Factory       Omaha, Nebraska       Punk, hardcore, rock
          Chantilly's       Manchester, New Hampshire       Rock, metal
          Sharkey's       Nashua, New Hampshire       Rock
          Court Tavern       New Brunswick, New Jersey       Rock, punk
          Loop Lounge       Passaic Park, New Jersey       Rock, alternative
          Little Waldorf       Reno, Nevada       Rock
          Mohawk Place       Buffalo, New York       Roots, rockabilly, garage
          Showplace Theatre       Buffalo, New York       All styles with emphasis on hard rock, alternative, hardcore
          Castle Heights       Jackson Heights, New York       Metal, hardcore, hard rock
          Brownies       New York, New York       Rock, punk, alternative
          CBGB's       New York, New York       Rock
          Penny Arcade       Rochester, New York       Rock
          Lost Horizon       Syracuse, New York       Rock, alternative, hardcore
          High Five       Columbus, Ohio       Rock
          Samurai       Oklahoma City, Oklahoma       Rock
          The Split T Bar       Oklahoma City, Oklahoma       Rock, alternative
          Shakey's       Hershey, Pennsylvania       Rock
          The Zone       Providence, Rhode Island       Rock, alternative
          The Station       West Warick, Rhode Island       Rock, metal
          The Wind Jammer       Isle of Palms, South Carolina       Rock
          Sunbird Lounge       Sioux Falls, South Dakota       Rock n roll
          The Stage Stop       Memphis, Tennessee       Rock
          The Boro Bar & Grill       Murfteesboro, Tennessee       Pop, rock
          12th and Porter Playroom       Nashville, Tennessee       Rock, alternative
          Indienet Record Shop       Nashville, Tennessee       Rock, punk, hardcore, ska, alternative
          Bleacher's       Lubbock, Texas       Rock, alternative
          Bob Popular       Austin, Texas       Rock
          Club Dada       Dallas, Texas       Pop, alternative, rock
          Deep Ellum Live       Dallas, Texas       Rock, alternative
          The Rock       Dallas, Texas       Rock
          Trees       Dallas, Texas       Rock, metal, punk
          Greek Tony's       Houston, Texas       Rock, punk, ska
          Main Street USA       Annandale, Virgina       Rock
          Galaxy Hut       Arlington, Virgina       Rock, pop
          The Shark Club       Centreville, Virgina       Rock, alternative
          The Breakroom       Seattle, Washington       Punk, rock, rockabilly
          Outback Jack's       Spokane, Washington       Rock, alternative
          Planet Hot Rod       Tacoma, Washington       Rock, metal, alternative, punk

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