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We are currently working on our system. In the very near future, you will be able to purchase Custom CDs. This functionality will be completed as soon as our credit card processing system is finished, which is expected to happen in the early days of March, 2002.

Please feel free to check back here frequently, for the latest news! will create a CD with your selection of tracks from this site, to order. This page allows you to configure your custom CD, arranging the tracks as you wish.

Custom CDs include up to five (5) standard tracks in the base price of US$ 4.00. Any additional standard tracks can be included on the CD for US$ 0.80 each, up to the capacity of the CD.

All of the music currently available on this site is considered a standard track. Non-standard tracks, which would incurr an additional charge when added to a Custom CD, would have a note on the artist's page indicating a special price is involved, and show the price.

This table shows some prices for Custom CDs with various numbers of standard tracks. It is shown as an example of some possible configurations, but these are not the only possibilities.

Number of tracks Custom CD Price
3 US$ 4.00
5 US$ 4.00
9 US$ 7.20
15 US$ 12.00
20 US$ 16.00


Applicable taxes will be added to the price of goods ordered from this site. In addition, any products requiring physical delivery (such as Custom CDs) will have a reasonable shipping charge added to cover our delivery cost. In most cases, the least expensive shipping charge will be for delivery via US mail. We can also deliver by UPS or FedEx for a moderately higher fee. In all cases, the total cost will be displayed in your shopping cart window before your final payment approval is requested.




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