Music Store offers the full-length version of most of the sampled tracks on this site for immediate download when purchased from us. When you buy a track from, we pay the artist a royalty each time. Not only does this provide the artist with an income, but it also gives them important feedback about what their listeners want.

Standard tracks may be purchased for immediate download for US$ 0.99 each. Simply select the Add this track to my shopping cart for download link for the track when viewing an artist's page in the Listen To Music section of this site. You can buy tracks one at a time, or add as many to your shopping cart as you wish, then place an aggregate order so you don't have to enter your credit card information as many times.

(We only retain credit card information in association with a particular order, for verification in case of returns, refunds, or billing questions. Consequently, you have to enter your name, credit card number and expiration each time you place an order - whether for one item or a hundred.)

All of the music currently available on this site is considered a standard track. Non-standard tracks, which would have a higher price for downloading, would have a note on the artist's page indicating a special price is involved, and show the price.


Pre-manufactured CDs from our artists or their record labels that may be purchased from will be listed on their band page, along with the price of the disc. When available, we will also include an image of the cover art, a list of tracks on the CD, and any other information provided by the artist or their label about the disc.



Applicable taxes will be added to the price of goods ordered from this site. In addition, any products requiring physical delivery (such as artist's CDs) will have a reasonable shipping charge added to cover our delivery cost. Tracks ordered for immediate download do not require physical delivery, and therefore do not incur any shipping charges whatsoever. In most cases when physical delivery is required, the least expensive shipping charge will be for delivery via US mail. We can also deliver by UPS or FedEx for a moderately higher fee. In all cases, the total cost, including any applicable taxes and shipping charges, is displayed in the shopping cart window before your final payment approval is requested.




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